Thursday, 10 May 2012

Weigh in week 18

Last day in work today, woo hoo!! But on my way home I was stopping at traffic lights she the guy behind me mustn't have been concentrating because he went straight into the back of my car!! Just my luck!!

Anywho, the reason for this post was to spread the good news... I lost 3lbs at weight watchers today!! I have now lost 2 stone 5.5lbs in total in 18 weeks! Thats 33.5lbs gone with 28 more to lose. I'm really surprised that I've got this far with what seems like very little effort. I am going to try to relax a bit on holiday and not panic about putting on weight and just make sure I get straight back on the plan when I get home! Probably won't post again now until after holiday but thanks for reading and I'll be back with lots of photos in about 10 days time :)

Loads of love

Zoe xxx

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