Thursday, 30 August 2012

Foxy Locks Extensions Review

First of all... I took the plunge and dyed my hair brown, eep! No idea why this was a scarier prospect than going pink, maybe it's the fact that there's no going back, but I did it and I'll be honest, I hate it! I thought i'd be used to it by now but no! I think it just feels boring compared to blonde and my hair is in such bad condition and has snapped so much...hopefully in a few months I'll be more positive?

Anyway what I really wanted to do was review the Foxy Locks Extensions I ordered online. They arrived a lot faster than expected. Usually when I order stuff from the UK to be delivered to Spain it takes an average of 10 days... The extensions arrived in 4! Now I have read a lot of reviews for Foxy Locks, all of which have been positive but to be honest I haven't been overly impressed so far. I got regular 20" in Mahogany as I have very fine hair so I didn't think I'd need thicker... In the packet they seemed very fine and in my hair no better. If I were to order again I'd definitely go for deluxe! Also I have worn them 3 times in the past week, curled them each time, and already they are looking tatty, like the ends are splitting and dry even though I keep putting leave in conditioner on them... I guess I just expected them to last longer! Also it is claimed they are "tangle free"... I struggle to get a brush through them half the time and have lost a lot of the hair already! They are good value for money though compared to a lot of hair extensions ... Not sure if that is a good enough incentive to buy them again though :/

Here's a few pictures of the extension in and my new dark hair. Also I put my hair up in a scruffy bun using extensions and one of Imogen@FoxyLocks video tutorials to make sure the clips are hidden.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coco Loco

As I mentioned in my last post I am planning on dying my hair dark soon...and I am absolutely terrified! I do actually really like my hair blonde and think it suits me way more than the red (or pink!) did. Unfortunately because my hair is naturally so dark (very dark brown with a few greys. I'm getting on a bit :() it takes a lot of bleaching and my rubbish fine hair can't handle it. I have lost a chunk of my fringe so have had to start parting my hair in the middle to cover it! I've lost hair from going blonde before and I never learn! This is the colour I plan on going...I went for mahogany because I thought I might find brown a bit boring. I've ordered some extensions from I usually buy my extensions from a shop in the UK but I saw Foxy Locks recommended on another blog so thought I'd have a look. They were around 30 pounds cheaper than what I would normally pay and from what I have seen on YouTube they are of good quality. The owner, Imogen, also has a blog and puts up videos of hair styles which I have found really useful. I'll tell you what I think when they arrive but in the meantime look up for some hair style inspiration.

Loving crosses at the moment. I want a cross necklace next. Both of these were from ASOS in the sale.

Leopard skirt with a sheer panel at the bottom, also from ASOS.

I think I need to quit it with the leopard now! This is from River Island.

For some reasonn I couldn't get a good picture of these so I stole this from the website. I needed some shorts but to be honest these are too short for me :( Also from River Island.

I had been walking round all day looking for a pretty bag with a shoulder strap and couldn't find any I liked... and again I ended up in Mango and spotted this black leather bag with gold studs and fell in love!

These are the same stick on nails I put on a couple of weeks ago but I painted and pointed them for a change. I have bought a new set but these are too pretty to take off!

My favourite perfume in the world, Chanel Mademoiselle. I am obsessed with all things Chanel but obviously there is not much I can afford so I get my thrills where I can!

Last but not least a picture I took when walking with Cole to work of one of the beaches in Palmanova. I am definitely going to miss how beautiful this place is :(

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pink Hair!

Ok so the other day I temporarily lost my mind and decided to dye my hair pink. I went to the hairdressers to have my roots bleached then put a crazy colour (pinkissimo) mixed with conditioner on top to try to get a light, baby pink-type colour. It went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bright and I hate it to be honest! Plus, having my (extremely) dark hair bleached has led to most of my fringe snapping off so I am going back to the hairdressers tomorrow to have some lowlights put in and am going to go dark *cries* until my hair is healthy again.

The weather has been disgusting recently. In English summer I am used to it being around 22 degrees and raining most days... In Mallorca it is more than that at night meaning I can't sleep and I dread going out of the house every day as it feels like I'm cooking!

Some of my favourite bracelets. The first too were from Niamh for my birthday, the skulls was bought by my mum and the black spikes were from Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.

Beautiful skull shorts from People's Market on ASOS. They are a bit big to be honest but because it takes so long for anything to arrive in Spain I can't be bothered sending them back!

One of my Facebook status'. Makes me laugh :D

Went out in Magalluf with (l-r) Callum, Craig and Cole for Cole's 22nd birthday. Wore a black 50's style dress which again was a bit big which I don't understand as I have put weight on since being here, not lost it!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Leopard, Snake, Studs and Leather

Just some random items I have picked up since I've been in Spain :)

Fell in love with this snake skin style clutch from H&M. Love the purple and neon yellow and the studs down the side.

 Cole bought me these DC trainers for my birthday. I have wanted some Vans for ages but I saw these and thought they were awesome so asked for them instead! Only problem is it is waaaaaaaaay too warm here to wear trainers so they're just going to have to sit looking pretty until I get back to England :( I also plan on getting some bright laces for them...probably pink!

After spending about 3 hours on H&M in Palma I finally settled on this dress for my birthday night out. I seem to be going through a phase at the moment where I don't like anything unless it is black. I liked this as it was different with the pleated skirt, leather belt and cut out back.

Kayleigh bought me this top from Primark in England. It says "Love will never tear us apart". I like that :)

My holiday bracelets. I bought the middle three when I was here in May and the other two at Mallorca Rocks. I took them off yesterday and put them on my ankles instead as I now have bright white wrists and need to even them up!

I caught one of my acrylics the other day and pretty much tore it off...along with my real nail! So I had to take them off but that left me with really weak nails and sore in places where they are too thin. I bought these stick on nails to offer some protection and to stop me biting my real nails so they have a chance to grow back. Still amazes me that I can have false nails on almost constantly for years but as soon as they come off I bite again! Gross!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


For some reason, in Mallorca, there are no decent clothes shops. I don't know how the Spanish survive here as the lack of 'trendy' clothes is upsetting me after only 10 they live their whole lives this way I can't fathom! I did find a H&M and Zara in Palma but it is very out of the way and difficult to get to without a car. The only shop near me in Magalluf is Mango which, I'll be honest, is not somewhere I've ever been in England. I just thought it was overpriced and not very 'me' as the pieces tend to be quite plain but classy...I prefer loud and odd! But I have found a couple of nice evening dresses that suit my figure which is very rare! I think the sizes are dodgy though as for some reason I fit into a Medium and a UK size 12 but I am a size 14, minimum! Made me feel good anyway, haha! Apologies for the terrible photos. I still have no one to take pictures for me so maybe I should invest in a tripod for my camera? Anyway here are my dresses. All of them were only €20 each in the sale. I cant resist a bargain!