Saturday, 4 August 2012


For some reason, in Mallorca, there are no decent clothes shops. I don't know how the Spanish survive here as the lack of 'trendy' clothes is upsetting me after only 10 they live their whole lives this way I can't fathom! I did find a H&M and Zara in Palma but it is very out of the way and difficult to get to without a car. The only shop near me in Magalluf is Mango which, I'll be honest, is not somewhere I've ever been in England. I just thought it was overpriced and not very 'me' as the pieces tend to be quite plain but classy...I prefer loud and odd! But I have found a couple of nice evening dresses that suit my figure which is very rare! I think the sizes are dodgy though as for some reason I fit into a Medium and a UK size 12 but I am a size 14, minimum! Made me feel good anyway, haha! Apologies for the terrible photos. I still have no one to take pictures for me so maybe I should invest in a tripod for my camera? Anyway here are my dresses. All of them were only €20 each in the sale. I cant resist a bargain!

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