Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pink Hair!

Ok so the other day I temporarily lost my mind and decided to dye my hair pink. I went to the hairdressers to have my roots bleached then put a crazy colour (pinkissimo) mixed with conditioner on top to try to get a light, baby pink-type colour. It went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bright and I hate it to be honest! Plus, having my (extremely) dark hair bleached has led to most of my fringe snapping off so I am going back to the hairdressers tomorrow to have some lowlights put in and am going to go dark *cries* until my hair is healthy again.

The weather has been disgusting recently. In English summer I am used to it being around 22 degrees and raining most days... In Mallorca it is more than that at night meaning I can't sleep and I dread going out of the house every day as it feels like I'm cooking!

Some of my favourite bracelets. The first too were from Niamh for my birthday, the skulls was bought by my mum and the black spikes were from Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.

Beautiful skull shorts from People's Market on ASOS. They are a bit big to be honest but because it takes so long for anything to arrive in Spain I can't be bothered sending them back!

One of my Facebook status'. Makes me laugh :D

Went out in Magalluf with (l-r) Callum, Craig and Cole for Cole's 22nd birthday. Wore a black 50's style dress which again was a bit big which I don't understand as I have put weight on since being here, not lost it!

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