Sunday, 22 April 2012


This time in 3 weeks I will be in Majorca, woo hoo!! I am in a really good mood today. Got so much to look forward to. Next week I have half a day on Friday then me, Jess, Megan, Kayleigh, Kirsty and Carlie are all going to stay over in a hotel, have a 3 course meal and then get drunk at an 80's themed night! Me and Kayleigh will be off work on the Monday and are going to Blackpool to get the last few things for our holiday, I can't wait!

I have also tried on some shorts that have been in my loft for the last year an a half. They were waaaaaay to small for me and I couldn't even get them over my they slip on and fasten up easily. I really am so happy. It's nice to see my hard work getting me somewhere.

This weekend I went shopping (again) and got a gorgeous dress which I fell in love with from Miss Selfridge. I've also been swimming today. It's about time I start getting fit!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Weight Watchers weigh in week 15

I lost 1.5lbs this week....which means I have lost 2 stone in total!! Woo hoo!!! Here's my weight loss stats so far:

Week 1: -5lbs
Week 2: -0.5lbs
Week 3: -2lbs - 7*
Week 4: -3lbs - 5%
Week 5: -2.5lbs
Week 6: -2lbs - 7*
Week 7: -0.5lbs
Week 8: -1.5lbs
Week 9: -0.5lbs
Week 10: -1.5lbs
Week 11: -1lb
Week 12: -2.5lbs - 7* 10%
Week 13: -2.5lbs
Week 14: -1.5lbs
Week 15: -1.5lbs - 7*
28lbs gone....33.5lbs to go!!!

7* = a silver 7 sticker which you get every time you lose half a stone.
5% = 5% of my starting body weight lost.
10% = 10% of my starting body weight lost.

When I got home I celebrated my loss with a giant plate of pasta (8pp) and a veggie tomato sauce (0pp) and a snickers (8pp). I have hardly had chocolate since I started and it was the best feeling ever!!

My next mini goal is to lose 3lbs to be over half way to target. After that I need to lose another 3lbs to move down a stone bracket then another 1lb for my next silver 7! Never thought id be able to lose weight and honestly of I can do it, anyone can! Xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

More holiday stuff!!!

My new love... River Island boat shoes!! Only £20! And my new Jack & Jones dress...

My baby - Melody

She's now over a year old so should have stopped growing...but she's still tiny compared to all other Westies I've seen! I love her so much even though she has serious attitude problems!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Oulton Park

Pretty uneventful weekend. Went to the cinema to see Wrath of the Titans on Saturday night which, to put it politely, wasn't very good. I also went to see Titanic in 3D this week as I was only 10 years old when it was originally released (does not seem that long ago) so I fancied having a good old cry. But I couldn't concentrate on how sad the film was as the girl next to me was sobbing for 90% of the film..and when I say sobbing I mean loud hiccups, snot, the works!! Gave me a giggle though! On Sunday I went to Oulton Park to watch my fiance Dave on his Formula 1 driving experience! He is big in to Formula 1 so I got this for his 23rd birthday :)

Zebra Nails

Here's a couple of pictures of today's nails. I used my Konad stamp for the zebra print and the flowers and the hand drew the pink stripes xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Part 1

Trying to post while I'm on my lunch at work but the computers are rubbish and it's taking forever! These are just a few random photos from my bank holiday weekend. I'll upload some soon of what I wore on Saturday night (they are on my digital camera which I left at home!)
 My new bikini from Topshop. Coral is my fave colour at the moment and this top also has detachable straps to avoid tan lines. Woo!

 Dave and Melody on Saturday morning. He loves her loads even though he'll never admit it!
 Melody looking cool in Dave's Ray Bans...
 Me and Kay on Sunday. As you can see Kay is wearing my jacket and I am wearing my Fearne Cotton dress from Littlewoods. After this I went to Subway and had soup which I got all down my dress so I had to get changed within the first hour of being dressed. What a scruff!
 Me, Kay, Megan, Pam and Kirsty at Pam's 50th on Sunday!
 I did Kayleigh's nails with clear tips and clear acrylic, painted them red then used my new Konad stamping kit to do the leopard print and the lace patterns. Sorry the picture isn't great :(
 I did my nana's nails again. This time with white tips. They look a lot neater than last time!
And finally I did my own nails in pink glitter! I love them pointed so I thought I'd try it on myself along with blending with clear acrylic. I need someone else to experiment on instead of myself! Haha xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spot Bikini

I have just got this spot bikini from Dorothy Perkins and oh my days am I in love! I have been really struggling to find bikinis that I like. I need a bit of support in the breasticle area but a lot of the bikinis about at the moment seem to be bandeau and they make me look like a boy!

And weigh in update - week 13 and another 2.5lbs lost! That's 25lbs in total and only 5 more weigh ins til holiday, woo hoo!

Nautical Nails

Well this was meant to be a nice post about my new nautical nails but the breaking news is that my car has been stolen! I got up this morning, got ready for work as usual, walked outside to my car...and it wasn't there! I thought I had forgotten where I had left it at first. I walked around to check. I didn't want to phone the police in case I was just being stupid (that sounds like me) but nope, it's gone! So I couldn't get to work, the police have been here and I'm just waiting for my hire car to turn up. I can't believe it!

 I has spend ages painting these red then trying to put the white on top and the colours were just mixing together and looked a mess! So eventually I had the sense to paint them white, and put some thin strips of tape on top to make the stripes! 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quick Post!

Just some pictures I took on Sunday I thought I would share. Ignore my face, I hate posing! Lol.

 I don't look at the camera coz I feel like an idiot...and I end up looking like this. Serves me right! Haha!
 These were meant to be for 80's night but I love them so much I had to wear them!
 Miss Selfridge blazer made from a really thin silky material. Gorgeous!
 My amazing new wedges from River Island!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Love Saturdays

Feeling a lot better when I got up Saturday morning but was struggling by the time I got home! :( Had a fun day though. Me, Kayleigh, Jess and Megan all went to have our tattoos done. It's an Angel symbol meaning friendship and we're all sad and love each other loads so we decided to get these tattoos to symbolise our friendship. After that me and Kayleigh went shopping (again) in Manchester. I got some clothes for holiday, as well as an outfit for the 80's party on 27th April (more about that closer to the time). So here's the summary of my day...

 Jack Jones shorts
 Henleys shorts
 80's outfit. Major colour clash!!
 Pink blouse from Primark
 Love this Aztec dress from Primark
Bought this bag for holiday but have started using it already :o