Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Panda and Fox

My new Panda jumper from Miss Selfridge, ASOS ultra wet look leggings, River Island leather sleeve jacket and Office boots.

It's sooooooooo cute! Love the black sleeves too.

My new Foxy Locks extensions! I am so relieved to have new ones. My old ones had been cut and cut to make the ends neater and I'd ruined them by trying to ombre them (which I have just about given up with now). They're so soft and gorgeous.

Trying on this cut out shoulder jumper and loved it! May put studs on it soon to spice it up a bit. £15 from Internacionale.

Amazing ear cuff! Gold with hearts and diamant├ęs. Just about fits below my scaffold piercing too which I was worried about!

Christmas 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all had a good one. Here's some pictures from my day xxx

View from my desk at work. Love Christmas!

Cole unwrapping his presents. We opened ours to each other at my house then went to my mums for the rest :D

Playing with his Lego. We never grow up!

Finn being all Italian with his chocolate pizza.

 Gaz in his onesie. We all had to wear them!

Coby loves Family Guy... I have got in a lot of trouble for letting him watch it :/

Cole in his Spider Man onesie, haha!

And Kayleigh in her skull onesie.

Ramone in his Christmas Leggings and opening his presents, aww!

I have a pink onesie, yay!

How cute does my mum look?

Home-made crackers with personalised gifts. Oh and me and Cole did the amazing napkin folding too!

Weird faces and paper hats.

Cole in his new clothes. Voi tshirt, red Vans, Newcastle United Varsity jacket.

Amazing Nail Art!

Some of the recent nails done by myself. I love doing crazy nails and get very excited when people say "just do whatever you think", hee hee :D

These are my fave and I want them next! 

Red short stilettos with gold microbeads.

 Purple glitter tips. Simple but very pretty :)

Red and silver Christmas nails with 3D bows.

Gorgeous mixed nails.

Aqua glitter tips.

Old York, Old York!

A few days before Christmas me and Cole decided we would go to York to visit the markets and museums to get us in the festive spirit. The buildings are so beautiful there and I always have such a good time. We stayed at a Travelodge on Micklegate which to be honest was the nicest Travelodge I've ever stayed at! 

This is what I wore. Needed to be warm as well as try to be stylish! Black big knit jumper from Vero Moda at ASOS, blue bodycon skirt from Tophop and black suede boots with leather trim by Rocket Dog at Schuh.

Took a picture of this sign on the reindeers as it made me laugh!

Just some of the stunning buildings in York.

 I take a picture of The Shambles whenever  I visit York as it reminds me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!

I saw this and thought of me!

Cole got giddy about the genuine Victorian Carousel :)

Cole is obsessed with The Avengers and Marvel in general. Cute!

 In The Disney Store, one of my favourite shops ever! 

Visited Jorvik (the Viking word for "York" Museum which was amazing!

Cole had a Wild Boar burger, nom!

 And I tried Churros for the first time with melted chocolate...I didn't like them :(

 Posing! My red coat is from ASOS and my snood from Kurt Geiger.

Markets! All the stalls were made to look like little Tudor buildings!

 We went on a Ghost Walk which was fun. It rained and I ended up looking like a drowned rat but the stories were really interesting. I don't believe in ghosts but I still got pretty creeped out.

We had a few drinks back at the hotel. Pitcher of Mojitos, Disaronno for me and Southern Comfort for Cole, yummy!

Finally I found a ring thin enough for the top of my finger! I've wanted something delicate but that's way more difficult to find than you would think :/