Thursday, 6 December 2012

Black and White Wedding

I'm getting married! On 24th August 2013 I will be Mrs Zoe Temperton :D

Just thought I'd share with you some of my ideas for my black and white themed wedding and some dresses that I LOVE. I have the Church and reception booked but need a photographer (cannot believe how expensive they are!) 

 My beautiful engagement ring :) My nana has offered me my granddad's wedding ring for me and Cole to have our rings made out of. So lovely :)

My wedding cake will just be 100 cupcakes with special ones for the Bride and Groom. It means everyone gets to take one home and they look really funky as well. Think I'm going to have a mish-mash of cases and designs.

This is my wedding car :) I love anything vintage so I am very excited to get to ride in this Rolls Royce. Even though it's blue and doesn't go with the theme I've decided to ignore that as I love it!

This is how I would ideally love the reception but finding the damask table cloths and nice centres is a lot more difficult than I first thought... that's if I don't want to spend £100,000 on my wedding! Looks like I'm going to have to make a lot myself.

I definitely want roses. I love these with diamant├ęs in. I think I'll have mine with black and white flowers and my bridesmaids can just have white.

How cute are these wedding nails??? I think I'll have white tips instead of the green and I'll be doing my own as I don't really trust anyone else with my wedding nails :/

Nice natural make up. I don't wear anything except foundation anyway (and false lashes of course!) so I don't wanna look overdone. I'm happy with flawless skin and nice lashes. Getting that professionally done with a MAC artist. Exciting!

The shoes have to be black. Something like this? Only problem is I am 5'5", cole is 5'10" so when I wear heels we are pretty much the same height. Plus I can't walk in heels and avoid them at all costs! So thinking maybe a kitten heel? It'll look classy enough won't it?

Bridesmaid dresses I was thinking something like these? I hate satin so won't be going for that. I was also going to have a different dress for each bridesmaid? They're all so different as people it just doesn't seem to make sense for them to match?

And now for the best bit...


OMG I love them all soooo much! I want a vintage style lace dress but can't go shopping yet as I have so much weight to lose and they'll look terrible on me at the moment :(

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