Monday, 1 October 2012

Weight Watchers

When I moved to Majorca I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership thinking there was no way I would be able to stick to it here so I would try and make the right choices on my own. Well that didn't work did it? Lol. I put on 13lbs in a couple of months and was sooooooooooo ashamed that I'd let myself get so out of control again. When I first got here I couldn't eat much, my stomach must really have shrunk, but over time I ate more and more and more until I was right back in to all the terrible eating habits I used to have. Now, it's really difficult when you love food. I hate being hungry and despise diets but I always found WW really good and flexible as I could eat what I wanted in moderation or more healthy foods and be full so I always opted for healthy and filling food rather than wasting points on chocolate and cakes!

So anyway my point is that 4 and a half weeks ago I started WW again vowing to lose the weight I had put on before I go back to England at the end of October. My stats are as follows:

Weeks 1-18 - lost - 33.5lbs

Week 19 - on holiday

Week 20 - gained - 1lb

Weeks 21-34 - gained 12lbs

Week 35 - lost 4.9lbs

Week 36 - lost 1.5lbs

Week 37 - lost 3.3lbs

Week 38 - lost 0.2lbs

Only 3.1lbs until I am back to what I was before I went on holiday and 31.1lbs to target :)

Here are a few meals I have been having to give you an idea what I eat on the plan:

Enchiladas - 12 ProPoints favourtie! I only have 2 out of the 5 with lots of salad but they are very filling.

Home-made Pizza - 10 ProPoints
 A very simple dough of self-raising flour, water and salt and top with what you like!

Toast and Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar - 7 ProPoints
 I eat this pretty much every day now! Can't get over my white bread addiciton. Just cook cherry tomatoes in a frying pan with balsamic vinegar. I have them instead of beans, nom!

Chilli Con Carne - 13 ProPoints
 Another one of my faves and you get quite a big portion. I actually has this for my lunch at 2pm and it's now....8pm and I'm not hungry (which is rare for me!)

Lamb and Mint Hotpot - 12 ProPoints
 From the Hairy Dieters recipe book but with a few tweaks. Sorry about the picture of it uncooked...I had eaten it before I remembered to take one cooked!

Carrot and Coriander Soup - 0 ProPoints
 Simple to make. Stock cube, carrots, onion and corriander, boiled in a pan and blended. My favourite soup by far!

Quiche - 6 ProPoints per slice (makes 6)
 I made mine with spinach, spring onion, ham and cheese. Was gorgeous!

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