Monday, 1 October 2012

Cooler than the Red Dress

Bought a couple of dresses from ASOS and had to decide on one for my sister's birthday night out in Blackpool at the end of October. I don't know what attracted me to bandeau's as I haven't worn them for ages (under arm fat issues) but maybe I'm finally noticing my weight loss? Obviously a long way to go but was nice to fit into a 14 comfortably (one of the dresses was even too big!)

  This dress was by Club L@ASOS. For some reason was really big on me so had to be a no even though it is really nice. Only £16.50!

 Loved this TFNC dress but for some reason the zip kept sliding down at the back. Could have done with a catch at the top really as it fit well but never mind. Maybe this one was just defective? £19, so another bargain!

And the winner is.......

This stunning red dress from Club L. Only £22 and I love it even though it's a bit daring for me. There are straps at the back (back fat danger) but the cross over material at the front hides the tummy so makes it super flattering. I liked it so much I was naughty and wore it out with Cole one night :(

 Me in my new dress with Foxy Locks extensions and Barry M Pillar Box Red lipstick.
My beautiful Cole <3

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