Monday, 1 October 2012

Foxy Locks Extensions Review 2

Ok so my last review of the extensions wasn't entirely positive but I have been wearing them for over a month now and have become quite fond of them after I made a couple of changes:

Firstly I cut them. My hair is very short so to have the 20" extensions clipped in with no shape looked daft. I numbered each section as I put them in so I would know where they go next time, then layered them and shaped the hair round my face. They immediately looked more like my real hair!

Next I washed them. The ends had become really tatty after wearing only a couple of times but once they had been washed and conditioned they look really good.

I try not to wear them over night. It makes the extensions really knotty so when they're brushed a LOT of hair comes out. Not good.

I stopped straightening them. Instead every time I taken them out tie them with a hair band at the top (just below the clips), plait the hair together and secure with a band at the end. That means when I wear the extensions day to day I am only brushing them which will really help with the longevity of the hair. I have only used straighteners on them twice in the last month as I really like the wavy look!

So after changing all my bad habits, the extensions really aren't that bad. I would like mine thicker (even though my hair is super fine the standard pack still doesn't seem like enough).

So here's a few photos of me with the extensions in:

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