Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Panda and Fox

My new Panda jumper from Miss Selfridge, ASOS ultra wet look leggings, River Island leather sleeve jacket and Office boots.

It's sooooooooo cute! Love the black sleeves too.

My new Foxy Locks extensions! I am so relieved to have new ones. My old ones had been cut and cut to make the ends neater and I'd ruined them by trying to ombre them (which I have just about given up with now). They're so soft and gorgeous.

Trying on this cut out shoulder jumper and loved it! May put studs on it soon to spice it up a bit. £15 from Internacionale.

Amazing ear cuff! Gold with hearts and diamant├ęs. Just about fits below my scaffold piercing too which I was worried about!


  1. How cute is that panda jumper? I love it!

  2. I love the panda jumper but also love the cut out shoulder jumper. I have a couple of t shirts and a maxi dress with those shoulders which I love as i am not 100% confident in exposing my arms :(

    Following you on GFC would love you to follow me back hon xx