Monday, 10 December 2012

Curve Confidence?

Me, Cole, my sister Kayleigh and her boyfriend Gaz all went out to The Pitcher and Piano on Deangate Locks in Manchester for a night out. I wore a black dress from AX Paris. To be honest when I looked in the mirror I quite liked it on but when I saw the pictures I was pretty upset. I haven't been on Weight Watchers for a few weeks and have put on loads of weight again :( I wish I could be confident about my curves but I just feel judged for the way I look. I feel like everyone looks at me and all they think is "fat". But I am also ashamed of myself for caring so much. That I shouldn't be so shallow to think that I can only be attractive if I'm slim? There are so many beautiful curvy girls around, I follow many of them on here, and not once do I think their weight has any bearing on their why can't I feel the same about myself?

Anyway, here are some pictures of the night. Kayleigh is wearing a skull wiggle dress that I got her for her birthday, Cole has on a shirt and jeans from Burton and I believe Gaz's shirt is from Primark. 

Me bored waiting for Cole in the Barbers in my gorgeous red Mason Scotch snood. 

I like this picture...not too much belly.....

But then eep! See my problem with the dress? Too much hips, belly and boobs! And I'm ridiculously tall in 6" heels!


 In Pitcher and Piano. I want the wallpaper!

Kayleigh and Gaz.

Ah, that's better.

This is a very true saying. I sent this to my sister as she's had some massive problems with her "friends" over the last few months. But what goes around comes around and karma has already bitten one on the backside. One down, one to go. 

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