Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Spirit

It's not too early to get giddy about Christmas is it? We decorated our tree yesterday in traditional red and gold and I've already bought and wrapped ALL my presents (also in red and gold vintage-style :D) I love this time of year. It genuinely makes me happy. I love singing Christmas songs whilst hearing them when out and about,  I love buying decorations and shopping for presents as well as looking forward to everyone getting together, friends and family. Here's some recent Christmassy pictures and a "Tis The Season Tag" which I stole from Cami's wonderful blog:

They're so beautiful! Brown paper with red Robbins, matching tags and red ribbon. Very cute!

 Here's my Melody (or as I call her, Diablo Pequeño) in her Christmas scarf. I can only get her to wear it by bribing her with walks but she looks adorable in it!

My vintage tree! My favourite decorations are the gingerbread man and robin on a postbox.

 My little devil again has never lay under the radiator in her life yet now the tree is there it's her favourite spot? The cheek!

I made cupcakes! Right, I'll admit, I had an accident. I put red food dye in the mix instead of vanilla extract...They were in similar bottles next to each other. It was an easy mistake to make, ok?! But they turned out well in the end and didn't taste bad. Everyone ate them anyway! Next, gingerbread men!

Cole met some Storm Troopers in The Trafford Centre. I have never seen Star Wars so had no idea who they were but he was very giddy anyway so I made him have a photo. Bless!

 Another wise saying which really struck a chord with me.

1. As of right now how many sleeps until Christmas? 

15 more sleeps, woo!

2. What is number one on your wish list? 

MAC make up and new hair extensions...mine are a mess now!

3. How do you get in the holiday spirit?

Go shopping for Christmas presents, cards and decorations and wrapping the gifts!

4. How does your family celebrate your holiday?

We go to my parents on Christmas Eve and watch films then go round early on Christmas Day and watch my brothers open their prezzies first, then me and my sister, then my nana, then my mum and dad last (even though my mum’s the most excited out of all of us!) Later we have dinner and play games and watch all the Christmas specials. Good, quality family time.

5. What's a tradition you love?

Putting up the tree together. My mum didn’t used to let us help because she likes it to be perfect! But she trusts us now J We’ll also all be making cupcakes and gingerbread men together. Oh and my sister (who is 23 by the way) insisted we all have to wear onesies this year, lol!

6. Do you give gifts?

Yeah it’s the best part! I love watching people open presents from me which I know they really want!

7. What is your favorite holiday drink?

Baileys...epecially in hot chocolate. Nom!

8. What is your favorite holiday food?

Turkey and stuffing sandwiches. Mmmmm....

9. What is your favorite holiday movie?

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I watch it every year without fail and have since I was a kid! I know all the songs and it makes me genuinely happy :D

10. If you worked in Santa's Workshop what would you be doing?

Is there a cook in Santa’s workshop? Someone has to feed the elves right? I love cooking so that would be the job for me. I think I’d be rubbish at building toys!

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