Monday, 17 December 2012

Manchester Christmas Market

Me and Cole had a day out at the Christmas Markets in Manchester. Really got me in to the Christmas spirit :) We had planned to go to the Red Hot World Buffet afterwards so didn't get to eat as much as I had liked but we tried some sample of crazy cheeses and salami including wild boar! Mmm...

Beautiful decorations. Bought a snowman from this stall last year :)

Macaroons! I see them so much on blogs and Instagram but I've never actually seen them in real life! They must be much more popular in the states than they are here. I will try them one day!

Manchester Town Hall. I would have got a better picture but people kept walking in front of me :/

Christmas treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

I just got a bit giddy about the Hermes shop. Want one of their bag so much!

I <3 Manchester stall. I do love Manchester.


Cute little wooden pubs.

Lots of mulled wine. Wish I wasn't driving or I'd have tried them all!

Mmmm...chocolate *drools*

Beautiful soaps.

Loved this. I'd heard that Zoe is Greek for 'Life' but I didn't know it was the equivalent for Eve, cool!

Dessert at Red Hot World Buffet. Strawberry Mousse, Crème Brulee, Banoffee Pie and Carrot Cake.

And a random one. Me and Cole went to see The Hobbit the day it came out (yes, we are sad) and we thought we'd have Pancake Express for breakfast. I had strawberries, Nutella and fresh cream.

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