Monday, 10 December 2012

Starting Again

I am starting my nail business again! Since I got home from Spain I've been wondering what to do with my life. Do I carry on working in Construction as an Estimator which I only do to earn a decent amount of money or do I start again doing something I enjoy? The thought of starting from the beginning is a really daunting prospect but after quitting my job and moving abroad it seems kind of silly to go straight back to being in a job I hate and not taking the opportunity to do what I love. So I've decided to get a proper qualification as a Nail Technician so I can work in shops and also do some mobile work. The only problem is getting the clients. I have advertised online but it's difficult when you don't have much money to start with! So I may have to go back to basics and print some leaflets and push them through doors. I'll let you know how it goes! 

I started my course today and my teacher said I'm a natural...and I must say her technique is easier than what I was taught previously!

Here's some of my recent nails. Some I have done, some I haven't. I'll tell you which (I'm no cheat :p)

Spiked red glitter nails. These were the first I had done when I got back to England because I ran out of acrylic liquid and powder! The Chinese people didn't understand what I meant when I said I wanted them pointed so I had to file them myself when I got home *sighs*

These were just me practising some nail art on my sister. The crosses are my fave!

Some stick ons from Nailene. I love the colour.

 I did these acrylics for my friend Collette. I wanted them to be Christmassy so I did red tips with a gold bow and stars. Very festive :)

OMG OMG OMG I love these! Some stick ons I found in Superdrug at The Trafford Centre (sorry I can't remember who they are by!) The patterns and bright colour are right up my street. Want to wait to do my acrylics after I have done everyone elses Christmas nails as I always ruin mine with blobs of acrylic or acetone :(

Skull cherries on Kayleigh's nails. I also did these natural acrylics.

As I am sure I have mentioned many times, I do semi-permanent lashes. Mine usually last about 3 weeks but I am good at looking after them. This is a close up of them on my eye. Couldn't live without these lashes!

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