Monday, 10 December 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in England now and so happy to be home! Didn't realise how much I'd miss rainy Manchester but I felt really out of my comfort zone in Spain and I'm so glad to be surrounded by my family and friends again. I love the familiarity of knowing the place and the people round here and I'm enjoying showing Cole about though he really got the short straw moving from Spain to be with me! Here's a couple of recent pictures.

 Not sure if I ever posted this but it's my birthday card from my sister Kayleigh and her boyfriend Gaz. Cole calls me a stalker because when I was on holiday I went into his bar every night because I fancied him! I'll never live that down...

This is my bed! I keep meaning to take more pictures of my room but it's *cough* never tidy enough :/ I took this when I got back to England so my Nana had cleaned up. That makes me sound really scruffy doesn't it? Anywho I love the vintage look so that is what my room is inspired by. I had a gorgeous dressing table which now has Cole's big ugly computer on it. And my bathroom is blue and pink cupcakes!

This is what I wore for Kayleigh's 23rd birthday meal. Black dress from Mango, pointed Chelsea boots from Topshop and red and black skull jacket from Internacionale. 

 Pictures of me. Think I have a favourite pose? Lol. I've dyed my hair and extensions darker now. They were mahogany but because of the existing bleach on my hair the dye was getting thrown off within days and wasn't matching the extensions! It's meant to be medium brown but is more like very dark brown/black! Pretty much matches my natural colour though so it's worked out pretty well and lasts a lot longer. 

This just made me laugh. I love bacon. 

I sent this to Cole while I was in England and he was still in Spain. Tea and a scone, very British!

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