Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Part 1

Trying to post while I'm on my lunch at work but the computers are rubbish and it's taking forever! These are just a few random photos from my bank holiday weekend. I'll upload some soon of what I wore on Saturday night (they are on my digital camera which I left at home!)
 My new bikini from Topshop. Coral is my fave colour at the moment and this top also has detachable straps to avoid tan lines. Woo!

 Dave and Melody on Saturday morning. He loves her loads even though he'll never admit it!
 Melody looking cool in Dave's Ray Bans...
 Me and Kay on Sunday. As you can see Kay is wearing my jacket and I am wearing my Fearne Cotton dress from Littlewoods. After this I went to Subway and had soup which I got all down my dress so I had to get changed within the first hour of being dressed. What a scruff!
 Me, Kay, Megan, Pam and Kirsty at Pam's 50th on Sunday!
 I did Kayleigh's nails with clear tips and clear acrylic, painted them red then used my new Konad stamping kit to do the leopard print and the lace patterns. Sorry the picture isn't great :(
 I did my nana's nails again. This time with white tips. They look a lot neater than last time!
And finally I did my own nails in pink glitter! I love them pointed so I thought I'd try it on myself along with blending with clear acrylic. I need someone else to experiment on instead of myself! Haha xx

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