Friday, 20 April 2012

Weight Watchers weigh in week 15

I lost 1.5lbs this week....which means I have lost 2 stone in total!! Woo hoo!!! Here's my weight loss stats so far:

Week 1: -5lbs
Week 2: -0.5lbs
Week 3: -2lbs - 7*
Week 4: -3lbs - 5%
Week 5: -2.5lbs
Week 6: -2lbs - 7*
Week 7: -0.5lbs
Week 8: -1.5lbs
Week 9: -0.5lbs
Week 10: -1.5lbs
Week 11: -1lb
Week 12: -2.5lbs - 7* 10%
Week 13: -2.5lbs
Week 14: -1.5lbs
Week 15: -1.5lbs - 7*
28lbs gone....33.5lbs to go!!!

7* = a silver 7 sticker which you get every time you lose half a stone.
5% = 5% of my starting body weight lost.
10% = 10% of my starting body weight lost.

When I got home I celebrated my loss with a giant plate of pasta (8pp) and a veggie tomato sauce (0pp) and a snickers (8pp). I have hardly had chocolate since I started and it was the best feeling ever!!

My next mini goal is to lose 3lbs to be over half way to target. After that I need to lose another 3lbs to move down a stone bracket then another 1lb for my next silver 7! Never thought id be able to lose weight and honestly of I can do it, anyone can! Xxx

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