Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coco Loco

As I mentioned in my last post I am planning on dying my hair dark soon...and I am absolutely terrified! I do actually really like my hair blonde and think it suits me way more than the red (or pink!) did. Unfortunately because my hair is naturally so dark (very dark brown with a few greys. I'm getting on a bit :() it takes a lot of bleaching and my rubbish fine hair can't handle it. I have lost a chunk of my fringe so have had to start parting my hair in the middle to cover it! I've lost hair from going blonde before and I never learn! This is the colour I plan on going...I went for mahogany because I thought I might find brown a bit boring. I've ordered some extensions from foxylocksextensions.com. I usually buy my extensions from a shop in the UK but I saw Foxy Locks recommended on another blog so thought I'd have a look. They were around 30 pounds cheaper than what I would normally pay and from what I have seen on YouTube they are of good quality. The owner, Imogen, also has a blog and puts up videos of hair styles which I have found really useful. I'll tell you what I think when they arrive but in the meantime look up http://imogenfoxylocks.blogspot.com/ for some hair style inspiration.

Loving crosses at the moment. I want a cross necklace next. Both of these were from ASOS in the sale.

Leopard skirt with a sheer panel at the bottom, also from ASOS.

I think I need to quit it with the leopard now! This is from River Island.

For some reasonn I couldn't get a good picture of these so I stole this from the website. I needed some shorts but to be honest these are too short for me :( Also from River Island.

I had been walking round all day looking for a pretty bag with a shoulder strap and couldn't find any I liked... and again I ended up in Mango and spotted this black leather bag with gold studs and fell in love!

These are the same stick on nails I put on a couple of weeks ago but I painted and pointed them for a change. I have bought a new set but these are too pretty to take off!

My favourite perfume in the world, Chanel Mademoiselle. I am obsessed with all things Chanel but obviously there is not much I can afford so I get my thrills where I can!

Last but not least a picture I took when walking with Cole to work of one of the beaches in Palmanova. I am definitely going to miss how beautiful this place is :(

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