Sunday, 5 August 2012

Leopard, Snake, Studs and Leather

Just some random items I have picked up since I've been in Spain :)

Fell in love with this snake skin style clutch from H&M. Love the purple and neon yellow and the studs down the side.

 Cole bought me these DC trainers for my birthday. I have wanted some Vans for ages but I saw these and thought they were awesome so asked for them instead! Only problem is it is waaaaaaaaay too warm here to wear trainers so they're just going to have to sit looking pretty until I get back to England :( I also plan on getting some bright laces for them...probably pink!

After spending about 3 hours on H&M in Palma I finally settled on this dress for my birthday night out. I seem to be going through a phase at the moment where I don't like anything unless it is black. I liked this as it was different with the pleated skirt, leather belt and cut out back.

Kayleigh bought me this top from Primark in England. It says "Love will never tear us apart". I like that :)

My holiday bracelets. I bought the middle three when I was here in May and the other two at Mallorca Rocks. I took them off yesterday and put them on my ankles instead as I now have bright white wrists and need to even them up!

I caught one of my acrylics the other day and pretty much tore it off...along with my real nail! So I had to take them off but that left me with really weak nails and sore in places where they are too thin. I bought these stick on nails to offer some protection and to stop me biting my real nails so they have a chance to grow back. Still amazes me that I can have false nails on almost constantly for years but as soon as they come off I bite again! Gross!

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