Monday, 30 July 2012

30 Before I'm 30

I could have sworn I had already posted this but looking through previous posts it turns out I didn't (which doesn't surprise me. I probably got distracted.) Anyway, a few months ago I was reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about a girl who had made a list of things to do before she reaches the age of 30. At this time I was nearly 25 and she was a good few years younger than me so and I made me think "OMG I'd better get a move on!" I am one of those people that has always been sensible, organised and well behaved...oh and I'm scared of everything!! Lol. Some of these are to get over my fears, some are to challenge myself, some are to do something worthwhile and soem are just for fun! So here's my list and some extra info to go with each, in case you're interested :)

30 Before I'm 30

1. Own a genuine Chanel handbag - I don't know where my obession with Chanel came from. I just think they make the most beautiful, classic items which will outlive any fashion trend! My dream is to own a vintage, quilted, black and white Chanel bag. I also want the experience of walking into a designer store and buying it :)
2. Get married - Hmm, I think I may have jumped the gun with this one. Obviously I wrote this list when I was engaged and had a pretty good chance of getting married within 5 years. Now I am in a new relationship, but Cole saw the list within the first week of us meeting and didn't run screaming for the hills so maybe it's not impossible....
3. Bungee jump - One of the most terrifying things I can think of doing. I don't even like rollercoasters because I hate the feeling of falling but I hope this will help me get over that particular fear.
4. Fly a plane - another massive fear of mine is flying. Not just the taking off and landing but the whole entire flight (in fact, the landing is my favourite bit. We're closer to the ground!) I get pretty much hysterical when flying so I figure if I learn how to fly one maybe it wont be as scary anymore? Who knows. It's worth a shot as I won't be going around the world if I don't stop being a wuss.
5. Hold a tarantula - I hate spiders, so same as above really.
6. Be in a West End Musical - If I could have any career, this would be it. I used to do amateur dramatics when I was younger but I don't have the confidence to audition for parts so I gave up. I know I will never get to do this but I will do my damn well best to try!
7. Volunteer - I don't know what I would do yet but I should do my part for charity, as should everyone.
8. Run a marathon - But first I need to learn to run without a) looking like I have some kind of disability and; b) running out of breath and collapsing after 30 seconds
9. Bet £100 on red or black - If I am ever not too tight to do so! But I have never gambelled more than buying a Lottery ticket so I guess it would be exciting.
10. Go to a music festival - I still can't believe I have never been to one! My sister has sworn we will go to V Festival next year. Can't wait!
11. Climb Snowdon - Just because it's a mountain...but it's close to home.
12. Go skinny dipping - I will do this soon! But it is very cold in the sea at night and that's putting me off! lol.
13. Reach target weight of 9st 7lbs stone - was 10 stone but I don't think I will be happy with that. I'll see when I get there anyway. I have a loooooooooong way to go.
14. Learn to ride a motorbike - I already have the leathers, boots, helmet and gloves soooooo might as well get the bike! It is such a buzz being on a bike but at the same time it scares me how many people die in motorcycle accidents...but what's life without a bit of danger eh? ;)
15. Learn to do the splits - hahahahahahahaha. Not gonna happen.
16. Watch a whole TV box set in 24 hours* - done! It was an easy one to be fair.
17. Get a piercing (not ears)* - I got my lip pierced about 5 weeks ago. It looks cool but is also fairly annoying.
18. Live abroad* - As you know I am currently living in Mallorca so *tick*
19. Get my own house - Not necessarily buy one but more like have somewhere to call my own. Not sure if this will happen before I'm 30 as there is a lot of travelling I want to do but I'm not sure how weird I will seem still living with my nana at 30! Lol.
20. Save £2000 - As in just have the money sat in my bank for emergencies. I have never had back up money before that I didn't already know where it was going to go.
21. Design and make my own clothes to sell online - I plan on going on a dressmaking course when I get home. Need to learn to draw though! At the very least I will just customise my own clothes.
22. Sunbathe topless* - Done a few weeks ago and I do this quite often now. Who knew I was so brave?
23. Own my own car - I have had cars on finance and company cars but not my own.
24. Rally drive - I just think I would be awesome at this!
25. Scuba dive* - Done again! A couple of weeks ago went diving round Magalluf. Wait, I am sure I'm meant to get a certificate??
26. Go to Ibiza with ‘the girls’ - Though I could probably hop on a boat and go there from here. It would be easier.
27. Learn how to surf - I absolutely hate sea water. If I get any in my mouth it makes me retch (scuba made me very sick) but luckily there is a hotel here called "Wave House" which has wave pools for surfing. It still counts, riught?
28. Visit Las Vegas/Hollywood/New York - I hope to go on a road trip across America so I will be greedy and see all three!
29. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant (ideally Heston Blumenthal’s!) - I like food.
30. Go skiing

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