Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Kayleigh brought my acrylic kit when she came to visit so I did my first set short and simple for working in the restarant (as I broke my last set working there) and then replaced them with nice long acrylics a couple of days ago!

 Very simple: clear tips and clear acrylic with nail polish on top. What I like about polishing my nails instead of using coloured acrylics or tips is I can change as often as I like. I swapped the blue for pink then for black over the course of a couple of weeks!

Love these! Clear tips again with pink acrylic. Used the same blue as above (although I would like a nice pink polish but I don't have any of my polishes here and for some reason they are really difficult to find!), used acetone and a nail brush to shape the smile line then stamped over the top with my konad stamp and took the excess off with acetone again.

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