Tuesday, 24 July 2012

2 Months Later...

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to post for a while but the longer time has gone on the more I have been thinking "OMG how am I going to write about everything I have done?" So I have decided to things the easy way and just post some pictures then tell you about them (but mainly because I have no chance of remembering what I have been up to otherwise!) In no particular order:

Come Fly With Me
 I went to see the show "Come Fly With Me" with Cole's nana and aunty. Cole works there back stage so got us tickets. It is basically swing music sung by two guys then there's dancers and acrobatics so in short: amazing! Definitely worth a watch.

Cole took me on a 'date' to Katmandu; an upside down house which was a bit like 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' inside but also had 4D cinemas and games and a giant crazy golf course. We also had our picture taken with a baby tiger which was gorgeous and acted like a puppy. I want one!

 Mambo's Terrace. Just a great place to sit out in the sun without getting covered in sand!

Niamh's Birthday
My friend Niamh (who I met whilst on holiday as she works as a PR at Cheeks)  had a few of her friends visit for her birthday. The first night I met them, the lads decided to skinny dip! Well, it's one way to get to know people I guess! The next night we went out on the strip and had a brilliant night :)

Mallorca Rocks
Oh I forgot to mention, I actually got a job! I did a brief stint working as a waitress in a restaurant on Magalluf beach front called Palm Beach. Kerry is one of the waitresses there who became my friend and we decided to go to Mallorca Rocks to see Chase and Status! Was a brilliant night, got very drunk and amused my house mates when I came home by telling them that I am hammered but it's ok because I have crisps!  

30 Before I'm 30
I can't remember if I ever posted my list of "30 Things to do Before I'm 30" but one of them was to get a piercing that isn't in my ears...so I got my lip pierced! To be honest it's been a nightmare so far. It swelled a ridiculous amount so I looked like the elephant man for a good 2 weeks, then when the swelling went down the bar was too big and kept catching on my teeth making it impossible to eat. So I went to get a new bar. Within 24 hours the ball had fallen off and gone down the sink so I had to go and buy a new ball...only to discover when I got home that it was too small for my bar! So I then bought another bar but because I hadn't had a bar in over night the hole had closed up so I had to spend a good hour trying to re-pierce my face. Ouch. But yeah anyway I did it and it still annoys me but ah well it's ticked off the list and that's all that matters!

Mano's Place
The bar which Cole's mum manages is round the corner from our house so we are in there pretty much every time we go out. The staff are some of the nicest people I have met since I've been here (and mostly Spanish). This is the night we went to watch the boxing and I got very drunk in a very short space of time!

Scuba Diving
Kara, who works at Palm Beach with me and does the silks at Come Fly With Me with Cole, is obviously a woman of many, many talents as she also took us scuba diving! This is something else that was on my 'list'  and, although I was quite nervous, I actually had a really good time! We had to do certain exercises like filling your mask up with water and clearing it whilst sat on the ocean floor! Also taking out your breathing apparatus, throwing it away, having to find it again and clear it. Scary as you're convinced you're going to breathe in water but luckily you don't! It was a good experience but somehow I ended up feeling sea sick so I don't think it is the ideal hobby for me to take up!

Magalluf Beach

 That's all really! Mallorca is a beautiful place and Magalluf gets some bad press but it is no way near as bad as people make it out to be.

My 25th Birthday
For my birthday Kayleigh and Gaz came to visit me for 4 days, woo! Above is me and Kay at Palma Nova beach and on the right is me and Cole on my birthday. We all went out for a meal, then to the strip then ended up in Cheeks because Cole's boss made him work (bearing in mind Cole works 10-14 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off EVER!) I got a new dress from H&M which I will post about soon as I am becoming aware this was meant to be a blog about clothes and for a while now I have been boring you with stories about my life!

Pirates Reloaded
Pirates is another show in Mallorca with pretty much the same cast as Come Fly With Me. So again it is music, acrobats and dancers. The difference though is that at Pirates you get free alcohol so everyone is wasted and it's a real party atmosphere. You join in with the songs, there's banter and audience interaction...and it's quite rude! Definitely an amazing show which I would gladly watch over and over again!

 Casa Temperton
 This is me relaxing by the pool at Cole's nan's house. I stayed there for a few days last week as I was bored and lonely. It was nice having someone to talk to for once!

 I found this funny. That's all!

So that's what I have been doing the last 2 months in sunny Mallorca. I'll be honest, I've been having a hard time out here for a while. I've missed my family and friends, the familiarity of home and the control I used to have over my life. I've felt lonely and isolated as I am not the most sociable or outgoing person as it is and I struggle to be myself around people I don't know very well. I've been uhming and ahhing about whether to go home for a while now and pretty much had a breakdown last week (a mixture of having run out of anti-depressants and my lack of self esteem) so I have had a long hard think and I've realised that I am in charge of my own happiness. No one else. So if I want to be happy I need to do something to make sure I am instead of relying on other people. I love being with Cole. He really is an amazing man and I am lucky to have met him so instead of moping about missing my family I am going to make the most of the time I have here. There's only 3 months of the season left. Then in November I get Cole and my family and friends instead of feeling like I have to choose. A small sacrifice of missing them for a few months to be happy long term. Since making this decision I have felt so much happier, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am going to be starting a new job soon, doing eyelashes in a shop where I can choose my own hours which will give me something to do and get me some money so I can go shopping which I am desperate to do! Lol. Hope you're all ok. Lots of love xxx Zoe xxxx

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