Sunday, 10 June 2012

Life Changing Holiday

Ok so my life has completely changed in the last month. On 12th May 2012 me and 14 friends, including my fiancé, came on holiday to Mallorca. By 14th May I was single and had met a gorgeous bar man called Cole, who I am now very much in love with. Crazy how things can change so quickly! Basically we'd all watched the football (which Man City won, woo!) so had been out drinking all day in a bar called Cheeks where Cole works. We were all absolutely wrecked and having an amazing time. At some point in the night my friend Jess kissed - ok snogged - me which I thought nothing of. Me and Dave went home about midnight and when we got in the room he went mental. He said I was out of order for kissing her and was asking who I wanted more, him or her. I wouldn't answer so he started to get violent. I tried to get out of the room but he wouldn't let me. He ended up headbutting me so hard that it still hurt 2 weeks later. Having been in a violent relationship before and staying a lot longer than I ever should have, I swore I'd never put up with it again. Needless to say he got a flight home the next morning and I haven't seen him since. What a way to end a 2 year relationship! The next day I came back to Cheeks. I didn't remember much from the previous night but I remembered Cole. Blonde hair, blue eyes and the cutest smile I've ever seen! He's lived over here since he was a young child so although he seems very English he can speak fluent Spanish! We hung about for the rest of my holiday. I loved it in Mallorca and met quite a few workers over here who said we should come out and find work... So me and Jess decided we would! We got home Saturday night. By Monday we had booked flights for the following week, so exciting! Unfortunately, the day before we were due to fly, Jess had a change of heart and decided she would be happier at home. So I did one of the bravest - or most stupid - things I've ever done and came out on my own! 2 weeks later and I've never been happier. Not found work yet but I have enough money to last me a while. And luckily Cole has turned out to be the kindest, funniest, most wonderful man I have ever met. It makes a nice change living in the sunshine and although I miss my family, I know I have made the right choice. To be continued....

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