Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bad times :(

Hi guys!! Totally off topic but I need to vent! I work in construction as a Technical Estimator. We have lost the bid for the contract I work on so I have been told that basically I have 2 options. I can be TUPE’d over to the company that won the contract but they are based in Leeds (I’m in Manchester). They’d have to give me the same pay and a company car (which I have now) but they can change my terms and conditions and put me on 90 or 30 days notice and maybe get rid of me if they like. Or I could stay here and do a different role. £4k less than what I am on now, no car and no fuel card. Petrol will cost me £150 a month to get here, I haven’t been driving long so insurance will be £200 plus the drop in pay…I’d be about £500 worse off a month. Neither are very good options. Oh and I’d have to buy a car with my zero money! I’ll probably have to cancel my holidays to pay for a car :( I know there are people worse off than me but I thought I was sorted money-wise. I had loads of plans and was going to get a house and get married…..and now I can’t afford anything! So I am a very angry Zoe today! I feel sick and I just want to go home :(

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