Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone!! I have not blogged for nearly a year now and the reason simply is that...I was too embarrassed. I'm not a slim girl anyway but I put on about 10lbs and in general felt too bad about my appearance to be able to post photos of myself on the internet. Every time I saw a picture of myself I'd get upset. Daft, I know but I have always struggled with confidence and I've been through a seriously rough patch for a while now. Anyway on a happy note I started Weight Watchers on 6th Jan 2012 and have lost 19lbs in 10 weeks. I still have another 3 stone to go to get to goal so I have a long road ahead of me but I just feel happier now I am more in control of my life and my weight.

Here's some pictures of what I wore today. It was nice and sunny earlier but now, in true Manchester fashion, it has started to pour down which will play havoc with my instant tan later!

Some of you little detectives out there may have noticed....I've changed my hair! Well spotted! Haha! I started to go blonde just before Christmas as, as much as I loved the red, I got sick of having to dye it every week and my whole bathroom being dyed pink including the vast majority of my towels, a few dressing gowns, 2 bath mats, some clothes and on one occasion my dog, Melody.

Oh and I'd also like to apologise for my terrible photography. There's rarely anyone about to take my pictures and I can't take any in nice locations because it's always raining :( Bare with me. We might have a nice day in summer that I can take a few pics!

 This dress is from a cheap shop near me. I don't even know what the shop is called. It's one of those that pops up and closes a week later when it realises how rubbish my town centre is! Haha. It was only £7 though. Bargain!
 A close of of the lace on the dress (which sold it to me) and my military boots (now caked in mud because I took Melody on a walk thinking the field was dry. It wasn't.)
 My new hair!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Eyelure individual eyelashes which I do myself. Takes me ages but this was the third time I've done them now and it's getting easier!
 Wore my trusty leather jacket from Littlewoods. I'll be gutted when this is too big for me :(
 I saw how to paint leopard nails on Super Scrimpers the other night and decided to try it as I am a bit bored of french manicures. Didn't go perfect as I had to use liquid eyeliner instead of an eyeliner pen but it's a good first attempt and I love them!
 My red lipstick by Barry M. I never used to wear lipstick as I always wore a lot of eye make-up. Now I only wear lashes so I thought I would start experimenting with lipsticks! This is my fave as it's a really bright, in your face red. 

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